Meet Taisun

Single Server Docker Management for Humans

Your Web Browser:
The only application you need

With Taisun you can manage your server all from the convience of your web browser. With built in web based Linux desktops combined with our management application, your browser is your portal to accelerating server management and application development.

Taisun Stacks:
Multiple containers, single user input

Taisun allows beginners to launch complex linked Docker Compose applications from a single web based form. Advanced users can take existing docker compose files and add simple yaml to put a form in front of it. More at:

Remote Access:
Simple to configure single click remote access from anywhere

No more complex reverse proxy configurations, get secure access to your servers applications from anywhere. A single click is all it takes from any web browser on any platform. Backed by our dynamic DNS service and automated SSL certificate renewel from LetsEncrypt, secure remote access has never been this easy.